Season: Club:


Player NameClub   
DAVID PAULPeterlee Catholic Club13Matches
JAMIE LEEWingate Grange13Matches
LEE WESTGARTHShotton Comrades13Matches
LEWIS EDWARDSShotton Comrades13Matches
MICHAEL BAYLESPeterlee Central Club13Matches
REECE BRYMERHorden Cricket Club 13Matches
SHANE O'BRIENPeterlee Catholic Club13Matches
JACK MONAGHANPeterlee Catholic Club12Matches
JOHN SCULLIONShotton Comrades12Matches
LEE CLEARYHorden Cricket Club 12Matches
SEAN KAVANAGHSeaham Parkside05Matches
ADAM WALLACESeaham The knack04Matches
CRAIG GRIFFITHSHorden Cricket Club 11Matches
MATTHEW BILLYARDEasington Southside04Matches
RICKY RAMSAYHorden CW Supporters11Matches
ROBERT MAWSONHorden CW Supporters11Matches
RYAN CHAMBERSNew Seaham Westlea11Matches
CHRISTIAN COLEPeterlee Hearts10Matches
DANIEL GORTONWingate Howden03Matches
DANIEL JOHNSONPeterlee Helford United03Matches
DANNY CARRWingate Grange10Matches
DAVID TAYLORPeterlee Catholic Club10Matches
GRAHAM BALLEasington Leather Cap10Matches
JAMES HARBORDEasington Southside10Matches
JOSH PETTLERWingate Howden03Matches
JOSH RAMSHAWMurton New Hesledon10Matches
KEVIN PRICESeaham Parkside10Matches
LIAM APPLEBYMurton Colliery FC10Matches
MATTHEW HALLTrimdon Royal Oaks FC03Matches
MICHAEL WILLIAMSSeaham The knack03Matches
PAUL MILNERDawdon Welfare Park10Matches
ROBERT LEWIS GARNERSeaham Parkside03Matches
RYAN TAYLOREasington Lane WMC03Matches
SCOTT JACKSONPeterlee Acre Rigg SC (Celtic)03Matches
STEVEN ASHMANEasington Lane WMC03Matches
TOM AINSCOUGHSeaham The knack03Matches
TONY HEWITTShotton Comrades03Matches
AARON ABBOTTSeaham Marlborough02Matches
ADAM HEPPLESeaham Marlborough02Matches
ADAM TATTERSTrimdon Royal Oaks FC02Matches
CALLUM MILNEMurton Colliery FC02Matches
CRAIG HARBORDHorden CW Supporters02Matches
DARRYL ROBINSONEasington Lane WMC02Matches
DAVID HUNTLEYEasington CIU02Matches
GARY SPALDINGEasington Colliery Club Mechanics02Matches
IAN CRAGGSEasington Leather Cap02Matches
JACK POUNDERHorden CW Supporters02Matches
JAKE DEVINEWingate Howden02Matches
JOE BELLHorden CW Supporters02Matches
JONATHAN PAYNEPeterlee Helford United02Matches
KIERAN THOMPSONHorden CW Supporters02Matches
KYLE TATTERSTrimdon Royal Oaks FC02Matches
LEWIS CORFIELDEasington CIU02Matches
LUKE BARNESEasington Leather Cap02Matches
MARK DUNNPeterlee Central Club02Matches
MARTIN BASLEYWingate Grange02Matches
MARTIN MASONTrimdon Royal Oaks FC02Matches
MARTYN BLENKINSOPMurton Colliery FC02Matches
MIKE BARKERSherburn United02Matches
NATHAN BURTONEasington Welfare02Matches
NATHAN GRAHAMEasington Colliery Club Mechanics02Matches
STUART HEADENEasington Lane WMC02Matches
THOMAS BOTTHorden CW Supporters02Matches
THOMAS FARRELLNew Seaham Westlea02Matches
ADAM COCKCROFTHorden CW Supporters01Matches
ADAM LESLIEMurton Colliery FC01Matches
ADAM WILSONSeaham The knack01Matches
ADAM YOUNGWingate Howden01Matches
AIDEN VOUTMurton Colliery FC01Matches
ANDREW COOKEasington Welfare01Matches
ANDREW FORRESTWingate Howden01Matches
ANDREW JONESPeterlee Hearts01Matches
ANDREW MCGHINSeaham Parkside01Matches
ANTHONY ROOKESHaswell Oddfellows Arms01Matches
BAILEY HOGWOODSeaham Parkside01Matches
BEN CRAKETrimdon Royal Oaks FC01Matches
BEN PRICEEasington Leather Cap01Matches
BEN STANCLIFFESeaham Marlborough01Matches
BRADLEY BEESTONPeterlee Catholic Club01Matches
BRADLEY WEAREasington Lane WMC01Matches
BRANDON STECKLESHetton Lyons FC01Matches
CARL PRICEEasington Colliery Club Mechanics01Matches
CHRISTOPHER DALEYWingate Grange01Matches
CHRISTOPHER FREEMANPeterlee Catholic Club01Matches
CHRISTOPHER WRIGHTHorden CW Supporters01Matches
CONNOR MUTIMERSeaham Parkside01Matches
CONNOR PATTERSONSeaham Marlborough01Matches
CRAIG PATTERSONEasington Lane WMC01Matches
CRAIG PINEEasington Welfare01Matches
DANIAL MCEWANSeaham The knack01Matches
DANIEL YOUNGSeaham The knack01Matches
DANIEL SENNETTHorden Cricket Club 01Matches
DANNY NAYLORPeterlee Helford United01Matches
DARREN MAJOREasington Welfare01Matches
DAVID ALLENEasington Southside01Matches
DAVID JACKSONShotton Comrades01Matches
DAVID TRENHOLMEShotton Comrades01Matches
DEAN BULMERSeaham Parkside01Matches
DEAN MUSTHERHetton Lyons FC01Matches
ETHAN ANDERSONHorden CW Supporters01Matches
ETHAN PAYNEPeterlee Helford United01Matches
GARY DEVINEHorden Cricket Club 01Matches
GRAEME COXONPeterlee Hearts01Matches
GRAHAM HORNSBYEasington Leather Cap01Matches
GREG LUMSDONEasington Leather Cap01Matches
HARRY WINWOODTrimdon Royal Oaks FC01Matches
IAIN HINDPeterlee Acre Rigg SC (Celtic)01Matches
IAN WATSONShotton Comrades01Matches
JACK PATTONSeaham Marlborough01Matches
JACK APPLEBYSeaham Parkside01Matches
JACK HARTWingate Howden01Matches
JAKE HOGGARTHMurton New Hesledon01Matches
JAKE MICALLEFEasington Welfare01Matches
JAMES PITTAMEasington Welfare01Matches
JAMIE YORKEPeterlee Helford United01Matches
JOE COULSONWingate Howden01Matches
JOHN DALESeaham Marlborough01Matches
JOHN QUARMBYEasington Lane WMC01Matches
JOHN WILLIAM ATKINSONSherburn United01Matches
JONATHAN PEARSONHorden CW Supporters01Matches
JORDAN DEVINEWingate Howden01Matches
JORDON GARSIDEEasington Lane WMC01Matches
JOSH ANDERSONPeterlee Hearts01Matches
JOSH BROOMEasington Southside01Matches
JOSH KETTELLMurton Colliery FC01Matches
JOSHUA RIDLEYPeterlee Catholic Club01Matches
KEITH BAILEYPeterlee Helford United01Matches
KENNETH POUNDERHorden CW Supporters01Matches
KEVIN MAWHINNEYMurton New Hesledon01Matches
KIERAN DAVISONWingate Grange01Matches
KURT LUKETrimdon Royal Oaks FC01Matches
KYLE JOHNSHorden Cricket Club 01Matches
KYLE LONGSTAFFMurton New Hesledon01Matches
LEE STAPLESPeterlee Catholic Club01Matches
LIAM BRANNEYHetton Lyons FC01Matches
LIAM OWENTrimdon Royal Oaks FC01Matches
MARC HEYDONSeaham The knack01Matches
MARC ROBINSONEasington Leather Cap01Matches
MARK BAGNALLEasington Leather Cap01Matches
MARTIN FOWLERHorden CW Supporters01Matches
MARTIN PEACEPeterlee Catholic Club01Matches
MATTHEW JACKSONMurton Colliery FC01Matches
MATTHEW MUSTARDSeaham Parkside01Matches
MICHAEL FORTUNEEasington Welfare01Matches
MICHAEL HARDYHorden Cricket Club 01Matches
MICHAEL WILSONSeaham The knack01Matches
MITCHELL HOLMANSeaham Parkside01Matches
NIALL SALMONTrimdon Royal Oaks FC01Matches
PAUL GRIFFITHPeterlee Hearts01Matches
PAUL WINTRIPPeterlee Catholic Club01Matches
RHYS WILLIAMSEasington Colliery Club Mechanics01Matches
RICHARD KLITZKE Sherburn United01Matches
ROBERT BERRYSeaham Parkside01Matches
ROBERT HUNTLEYEasington CIU01Matches
ROBERT HUTCHINSONPeterlee Central Club01Matches
ROBERT TAYLORHorden CW Supporters01Matches
RORY ARMSTRONGHorden CW Supporters01Matches
RUSSELL BLENKINSOPShotton Comrades01Matches
RYAN BRYMERPeterlee Catholic Club01Matches
SCOTT HENDERSONEasington Lane WMC01Matches
SEAN ROLLINSeaham Parkside01Matches
SEAN RYDEREasington Leather Cap01Matches
SHAUN BENTLEYHorden Cricket Club 01Matches
SHEIKH HUSSAINNew Seaham Westlea01Matches
STEPHEN FRANCISEasington Lane WMC01Matches
STEVEN FREEMANPeterlee Hearts01Matches
STU HARBOTTLEEasington Leather Cap01Matches
STUART COXONPeterlee Hearts01Matches
STUART SOFTLEYEasington Southside01Matches
THOMAS FERGUSONSeaham Marlborough01Matches
THOMAS YOUNGWingate Howden01Matches
WARREN FRENCHShotton Comrades01Matches
WAYNE GRAYHaswell Oddfellows Arms01Matches
WAYNE WARDHorden Cricket Club 01Matches

Premier Division
20/08/2017Dawdon Welfare Park V Peterlee Catholic Club   
Tommy Burrell Cup Round 1
01/10/2017Easington Colliery Club Mechanics V Peterlee Catholic Club 1
Premier Division
12/11/2017Peterlee Catholic Club V Peterlee Helford United 1
28/01/2018Peterlee Catholic Club V Horden CW Supporters 1